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ffxiv strategy guide

In Final Fantasy XIV, there are 4 main Disciplines. Players can switch from one Discipline to another. This can be achieved by equipping a weapon or tool. You can determine your character's present Discipline by judging on the item and his skills will be based on it. This is known as the Armoury System.

You can actually switch your character's Discipline anytime throughout the game to suit the situation. In other words, you can go from a melee fighter to a caster to a crafter or to a gatherer by switching weapons or tools. The Armoury System has made Final Fantasy XIV unique with all these interesting Disciplines available.

Through the switching of Discipline process, your Physical Level will remain the same. You can judge what skills you can access to through your Discipline Level. Some abilities which you’ve mastered can be used in any Discipline however other skills have restrictions, such as Discipline of War only or Disciplines of War and Magic Only. In regards to that, if you equip non-main discipline ability, that ability may have a higher casting time, cost, or cool down time. FFXIV Strategy Guide defines the various FFXIV classes according to their respective disciplines below.

Disciples of War Disciples of Magic Disciples of the Hand Disciples of the Land
Gladiator Thaumaturge Carpenter Fisher
Marauder Conjurer Blacksmith Miner
Pugilist Armorer Botanist
Lancer Goldsmith
Archer Tanner

Final Fantasy XIV Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy XIV is designed to utilize a skill-based progression system. Character races will look alike and allow players to create avatars. Weapon use will alter "character development".

In FFXIV, two types of experience points will be introduced. The first type is class points that advance your character's Rank and the second type is experience points that increase your character's Physical Level.

All action made in the game (i.e. fighting, casting, harvesting or crafting), has the potential to earn you class points. Adding to that, experience points will always be earned through these actions made.

When it comes to combat, all classes have the ability to engage in battles. Every single class possesses an attack which doesn't require MP or TP. Although players using Disciples of the Land and Hand are equipped with this basic attack ability, it is still a very weak attack and not to be regarded as a reliable source of direct damage.

FFXIV uses a stamina bar that fills automatically with time during battle. Every move you do costs a certain percentage of the bar.

Final Fantasy XIV Character Attributes

At the start of the game, all FFXIV players will begin with 15 points across the board, and will acquire 8 more upon each level gained. You will have the privilege to allocate the points in any way of your choice.

Upon gaining a level, you will be awarded 8 Attribute Points to allocate in any way of your choice. Here’s a brief rundown for each attribute:

  • Strength (STR) – physical attack power.
  • Vitality (VIT) – physical defense and total hitpoints.
  • Dexterity (DEX) – attack accuracy.
  • Intelligence (INT) – efficiency of magic spells.
  • Mind (MND) – magical defense and MP pool.
  • Piety (PIE) – magical accuracy.

Depending on your selected Discipline, you should allocate the attributes according to what you believe would be advantages in the long run.

Elemental Attributes:

If the Attribute Points aren’t enough, you can also acquire 8 Elemental Resistance points per level gained. Each point used increases resistance against a given element, providing you with more attack power as well. FFXIV Strategy Guide provides you with the elemental chart and the elemental rundown below.

ffxiv elemental attributes

  • Fire effective against Ice, but weak against Wind.
  • Water effective against Earth, but weak against Lightning.
  • Ice effective against Wind, but weak against Fire.
  • Wind effective against Fire, but weak against Ice.
  • Earth effective against Lightning, but weak against Water.
  • Lightning effective against Water, but weak against Earth.

When it comes to changing Disciplines, you will be interested to know how to reassign your attributes. You can do this by going to the ‘Attributes’ tab and hit the ‘Reassign’ button. Presently, you can only reassign a small fraction of your points at a time. Each reassignment comes with a 30 minute cooldown, and it will take upwards of 90 minutes to fully re-spec your attributes.

FFXIV Strategy Guide provides you a graphical guide to all the FFXIV keyboard controls below.

A graphical guide to FFXIV keyboard controls:

ffxiv controls

The Map of Eorzea

map of eorzea

The nations of Eorzea used to be constantly at war with one another until fifteen years ago when the Garlean Empire, a mysterious nation from the east, razed the mightiest of the city-states, Ala Mhigo. The nations have decided to band together if they were to repel the invaders, however the Empire never came, leaving a state of detente throughout the land. The resulting peace has led to a wide swath of soldiers and mercenaries jobless, and so they are now forming guilds and going by a new name known as the Adventurers.

Once you’ve created your character, you’re required to select your starting city-state.

gridania Gridania is located at the northern part of the Aldenard continent. Gridania is a forest nation specializing in forestry, agriculture, carpentry, and leatherworking.
limsa lominsa Limsa Lominsa is a port city located on the western side of the island of Vylbrand. You can only travel to Limsa Lominsa by boat or airship.
ul'dah Ul'dah is located in the deserts of Southern Aldenard. Ul'dah boasts abundant mineral resources and a prestigious clothcrafting industry.

Although you can choose to be in any class throughout the game, the city-state where you begin with can have an impact on the classes you are specifically interested in focusing on. For instance, the Tanner and the Archer may find an easier time with their class in Gridania, since the Tanner's Guild and Archer's Guild are located there.

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